Maternity Reflexology


Upon completing my qualification as a Clinical Reflexologist, I decided to undertake advanced training to specialise in Maternity Reflexology. I was trained by Jenni Tribe, former midwife and Reflexologist, under the distinguished, Susanne Enzer School of Maternity Reflexology. Susanne Enzer is a renowned former midwife and expert in Maternity Reflexology. 

Maternity Reflexology is a natural therapy that supports both partners on the journey from preconception throughout pregnancy, the birth itself and during the postnatal period. Starting a family is an exciting time for any couple. It is also a time of significant change both physically and emotionally. Maternity Reflexology uses a holistic approach to treat the body, mind and soul, as a whole, for supporting you throughout your maternity journey.

Maternity Reflexologists aim to optimise the health potential of the pregnant woman. They will give the client reflexology advice. They will not provide medical or obstetric advice. They must ensure that a client with problems, is in the care of an appropriate Clinical Practitioner.

Preconceptual Care


Preconceptual care is preparing the body, mind and soul for the everyday miracle of conceiving, developing and birthing a baby. Ideally both partners should be included in preconceptual care as both sperm and ova need to be healthy. It is an ideal therapy for couples to improve their fertility health. It may also assist with sub-fertility issues such as irregular periods, polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis, sperm abnormalities and hormone imbalances. 

Antenatal Care


During your pregnancy, your body will go through significant changes. It can affect the emotional, hormonal, psychological and physiological balance of your body. For the most part, women adapt well to these changes, however, some may experience discomfort and minor ailments. These minor ailments may respond well to reflexology therapy.

Birthing Preparation


Regular reflexology sessions throughout your pregnancy may help with stress reduction and relaxation. This may enable the body and mind to be in the best condition ahead of the birth. Reflexology, as a safe, natural therapy, complements the natural event of childbearing.

PostNatal Care


The agony and ecstasy of birthing can leave a woman feeling jubilant, exhausted, full of disbelief and wonder and many other conflicting emotions and feelings. The balancing, harmonising and restoring qualities of reflexology therapy may be of benefit at this time, to naturally support the body, mind and soul back to its non-pregnant state.

New Born Baby Care


It is completely safe to use reflexology on babies. It is a natural therapy which may provide care and calm for your baby. It may also alleviate symptoms such as tummy ache, wind, constipation, reflux, colic and general distress.

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