“I have been having regular NEPIP with Liz and can honestly say what an amazing therapist she is.

After suffering with Endometriosis for 12 years and suffering with a lot of pain and increasing medical intervention over the years I was told that more serious procedures were now necessary. 

With the help of reflexology and the treatment plan that Liz put together for me I am now having less pain and for the first time in 12 years I am having regular cycles which has resulted in me feeling so much better in myself and am no longer having to have the medical procedure that the doctors were insisting I have.

Amazing results and a better quality of life all thanks to reflexology and Liz's amazing skills as a level 5 clinical reflexologist.”



"My story started with a long history of infertility and after lots of research I came across Liz’s website and got in contact. 

From day one she has been nothing but lovely and supportive throughout. Her attention to detail is second to none and she’s even kept me on track with my menstrual cycle dates and got me really in sync with my body. 

Above and beyond her reflexology services, she actually cares about my journey, which means so much. The reflexology is helping me mentally too, which I never even imagined and that’s all down to Liz and her approach. 

Being part of her recent fertility case study is the icing on the cake and I am genuinely excited for the journey ahead! "




“After 3 years of trying to conceive, I was partially relieved to have a diagnosis of polycystic ovaries. I discovered I did not ovulate, which made sense with how irregular my periods were, and no amount of medication seemed to help with this. I had heard about reflexology and how it could help with infertility, but feeling a little sceptical was naturally nervous about this, but rationalised that at the very least I would have some nice relaxing foot massages!

I met Liz for my consultation in November 2017 and she took the time to build a history of my infertility and also other things negatively impacting my life such as work related stress and anxiety.

The sessions were incredibly relaxing, with calming music and a peaceful atmosphere. I drifted off on more than one occasion! It was lovely having some real ‘me’ time packed into a busy schedule.

Alongside usual reflexology, Liz also did some NEPIP sessions, which really helped me to chill out and I noticed a real shift in my anxiety levels following this.

During my 3 month course, I noticed a real difference in my periods and how quickly they became regular. I was over the moon in January 2018 when for the first time, I had a definite line on an ovulation test.

Throughout the whole course, Liz also provides a range of tips on how to further reduce stress and improve wellbeing through the correct diet and exercise.

I would definitely recommend her.”




“I had a very happy surprise in 2018 when I found out I was pregnant with my first baby. 

I have suffered with anxiety for a few years and now due to the effects of stress, I have alopecia universalis. I had many concerns and worries when I found out I was pregnant and I wanted to ensure I managed my stress levels for myself and most of all for the baby’s wellbeing and development.

A good friend of mine had mentioned she had been to see a reflexologist and highly recommended Liz at Inner Peace. I messaged Liz and I started a course of antenatal reflexology. 

At my first appointment I knew straight away I had made the right decision. Liz is very professional and ensures she is treating the correct cause. Due to reflexology, I was able throughout my pregnancy to stay hormonally balanced and keep my stress levels low. It also helped with common ailments like acid reflux (which was horrible) and hip pain, which helped me sleep better. 

I was induced two weeks early and thanks to Liz’s help with relaxation techniques, I went on to have a natural birth with no pain relief.

After the birth of my baby girl, I continued my reflexology treatments and this was a great help for postnatal anxiety and helped rebalance my hormones which were a little out of control. 

My baby then started reflexology too and Liz is fantastic with her. Lottie thoroughly enjoys her baby reflexology treatments and the story time that goes with it. 

It has been an amazing journey with Liz and long may it continue.”