Tiny Toes Reflexology and baby massage


It all begins with first touch. Reflexology and massage for babies is a gentle, natural way to enhance your bond with soothing, calming techniques to use on their body and feet. During our classes you will learn holding and reassurance techniques, developmental baby massage and reflexology. Babies love being touched and cuddled and will soon learn to offer their feet for this enjoyable treatment. We work very closely together to ensure a high standard of care for your baby.

All the techniques you will learn are safe, gentle and effective in helping your baby with relaxation, sleep, colic, reflux, constipation, teething, colds and coughs, general wellbeing and developmental growth.

You will learn how to adapt the routine and techniques for your baby’s individual needs. You will learn a full body massage and reflexology foot routine. However, the wonderful benefit of reflexology is it can easily be used anywhere, anytime, all you need is their bare feet!

The techniques you will learn on your baby will continue to be beneficial when used as infants, toddlers and teens and the love and connection you will develop with them through their feet will grow with you both. 

Tiny Toes Classes


Tiny Toes Reflexology and Baby Massage Brigg offers small, friendly and cosy classes which are suitable for babies from four weeks up to crawling. The classes are held at the Inner Peace treatment room in the peaceful village of Bonby, situated on the outskirts of Brigg.

This unique baby reflexology and massage course runs over four consecutive weeks, every Wednesday morning 10.30am – 11.30am. The classes are kept small with a maximum of four adults and accompanying babies. Not just restricted to mums, we encourage dads and grandparents to book onto a course to enhance their bond with baby too.

At the end of each class you will be provided with fully illustrated sequences in a PDF format that you can have on your phone or print off. This will allow easy access to look at your techniques wherever you may be.

Your Baby's feet in Safe Hands


I am a fully qualified and insured Clinical Reflexologist and a Tiny Toes Reflexage Instructor. I can offer you one to one support at your home or in my treatment room, or training in small classes.

I will be teaching you a variety of both massage and reflexology techniques for you to use on your baby. As a qualified Reflexologist, I can also offer a short reflexology session on your baby, using some more advanced techniques if they are suffering with a particular condition.  A full history of health issues will be taken prior to the start of the course.

I embarked upon my Tiny Toes Reflexage training with Emma Baxter, qualified Reflexologist and founder of Tiny Toes Reflexage. Emma has created the beautiful step by step, easy to follow Tiny Toes routines which will be shared with all course participants. If you would like to know more about Tiny Toes Reflexage, please visit her website at: www.tinytoesreflexage.co.uk.


 “This is the beautiful Lottie, smiling and enjoying her baby reflexology session, (you can see from my smile that I’m enjoying it too!). We start by connecting to baby’s feet which leads to calm and communication with baby.”



· Empowers parents

· Enhances your bond with baby

· Relaxation for both of you

· Promotes development

· Tummy time

· Provides comfort

· Improves sleep

· Eases tummy pain from wind or constipation

· Eases conditions such as colic and reflux

· Soothes symptoms from teething, coughs & colds

· General well being


“The gorgeous Lottie, fast asleep, 15 minutes after her 1:1 baby reflexology session. Today it was story time and we read, “The Mouse’s House”, a beautiful children’s reflexology book by Susan Quayle. Mum then got her own reflexology session in peace.” 

Tiny Toes Course Details

Baby’s age: The course is suitable for babies from four weeks up to when they start crawling. Some parents prefer to wait until their baby’s six week check up and some babies benefit more from being a little older.

Course duration: Four weeks.


Inner Peace Reflexology & Holistics

6 Main Street



North Lincolnshire

DN20 0PL

Price: £40

How to Book: For further details or to book your place on the course, please message me via my Facebook page, e-mail or telephone.

F: https://www.facebook.com/tinytoesreflexologybrigg

E: innerpeacereflexology@outlook.com

T: 01652 618105

Individual treatments

Please refer to the price list for individual treatment costs if the class environment is not suitable for you.

Course Dates & Times


MARCH 2020

Wednesday 4th March 10.30am – 11.30am

Wednesday 11th March 10.30am – 11.30am

Wednesday 18th March 10.30am – 11.30am

Wednesday 25th March 10.30am – 11.30am


APRIL 2020

Wednesday 1st April 10.30am – 11.30am

Wednesday 8th April 10.30am – 11.30am

Wednesday 15th April 10.30am – 11.30am

Wednesday 22nd April 10.30am – 11.30am


“Stunning image of Asa, sent to me on a thank you card after he and his mum had graduated from the Tiny Toes Academy.”


“I have just finished 4 weeks on this course and cannot recommend it enough! Liz is exceptional, kind, friendly and always took the time to talk and reassure me through everything. To see my little boy so relaxed and love massage and reflexology is amazing. After learning the techniques throughout the sessions, we now use this in our night time routine and he seriously enjoys it so much. A huge thank you Liz, you are amazing.”  Helen H.



“I have just come to the end of the 4 week reflexology course with my son and it was amazing. Liz has a huge passion for what she does and that shows in her depth of knowledge when teaching. I have loved every single second. I can guarantee if you book on this course you will not be disappointed. Thank you Tiny Toes!” Emma M.



“Had my first session with Liz for baby reflexology this week. My little girl loved it, it was so nice to have some ‘down time’ with her and I found it relaxing for me too. The techniques are easy to follow and can be easily done at home. Looking forward to the next 3 weeks!” Helen S.